6 Things to See in Porto, Portugal

by Justin Carmack.

Porto! If you are looking for things to see in Porto, then you’ve come to the right place! This place is an amazingly beautiful city, and I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. One of the things I like about it, and Portugal in general, is that it isn’t very expensive. I think in terms of beauty and culture and architecture, Portugal has just as much to offer as its expensive neighbors. And Porto is one of it’s highlights!

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6 Things to see in Porto, Portugal

1. Sao Fransico Church. This is a must-see church in Porto. From the outside it just looks like a normal, yet pretty Gothic church, but the inside is a awesomely decorated and opulent interior.  If you are in to nice churches and architecture, then head here for sure!

Cais De Gaia

2. Palacio da Bolsa. This is the former stock exchange, built to impress European  investors. The interior of this building is another piece of architecture you must see here!


3. Cais De Gaia. Did you know that Most of the world’s supply of Port is stored and aged in? You can take a visit to one of the warehouse, and have a meal at the beautiful waterfront and enjoy world class wine.

4.Praça da Ribeira. Near the river, streets open out onto a plaza with tiled town houses overlooking a picturesque stretch of the Rio Douro. From here you have pretty views of the port-wine lodges across the river as well as the monumental Ponte de Dom Luís I.

5. Casa da Música. This is the place to go see some great music, nearly any night of the week. The hall holds concerts from classical and jazz to electronica, with occasional concerts staged outdoors in the adjoining plaza. Go check it out, you will definitely recognise the big white box of a building.

6. Dom Luis Bridge. When Porto’s iconic bridge opened in 1886, it had the record for the longest iron arch in the world. Maybe it’s Porto’s answer to the Eiffel Tower, but either way, its something to check out for sure!

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